This is the root proxy-homepage for various University of Oxford academics, and occasional esteemed alumni.
To proceed to a given user's section, you will need to know the short name used by that user. Once this has been obtained, you should add this either: as a suffix OR a prefix to

Prospective Users:
Registered Oxford academics normally use this unofficial resource for various reasons (accessed via sub-domains):
  • As a central, static, permanent, and auto-redirected point of contact to an individual's university-hosted, or associated webpage[s];
  • To host webpages/applications/applets/data etc that require managed technologies, or other resources, which are not normally available on the university's servers using a university account;
  • To take advantage of Google Apps functionality, e.g., users may use Users have <name> email accounts which are implemented via Google's GMail system Free web-based word processor and spreadsheet, which allow you share and collaborate online Share your schedule with colleagues An easy way to create and share webpages with colleagues

Registered user may create desktop links to these tools by running this Google application.

Applications for a free sub-domain should start here
Full details as to the requirement/justification for, e.g., a sub domain [or other 'root' facility, e.g. a plain mailing-list or data warehousing facility], along with a valid bod card reference and contact details must be provided with any application.